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    No shrine to honor the Norse deities would be complete without a page reminding readers of one aspect of major significance that the Norse deities have on Western culture that many people are not aware of:  their connection to, and association with, each of the seven days of the week. In fact, not only is a different Norse deity associated with each day, but four of the seven days are actually named after one of them (whereas the other three are named after one of the traditional planetary bodies in our solar system based upon their astrological significance). 



    Sunday--associated with the god Balder. Named after the planetary body also associated with the day:  the Sun ("Sun Day").





    Monday--associated with the goddess Frigga. Named after the planetary body also associated with the day: the Moon ("Moon Day").





   Tuesday--associated with the god Tyr. Named after Tyr's Old English name, Tiu ("Tiu's Day").   





    Wednesday--associated with the god Odin.  Named after Odin's Germanic name, Wodan ("Wodan's Day").    





    Thursday--associated with the god Thor, and named after him ("Thor's Day").  





    Friday--associated with the goddess Freya, and named after her ("Freya's Day"). Some sources claim this day is instead associated with Frigga, which attests to some of the confusion people have between these two goddesses.    




    Saturday--associated with the goddesses/cosmic personifications known as the Norns. Named after the planetary body also associated with the day:  Saturn ("Saturn's Day").