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        Hoenir is a warrior god of the Aesir tribe of deities who is renowned for his prowess in combat (and should not be confused with Odin's older sibling Vili, who was sometimes referred to in various sources as 'Hoenir'). When the Aesir of Asgard went to war with another tribe of deities, the Vanir, who hailed from the nearby otherdimensional realm of Vanaheim, a stalemate was eventually reached in which both sides agreed to an exchange of hostages to facilitate the truce. Hoenir and his fellow god Mimir were given to the Vanir as the hostages chosen by the Aesir. As Hoenir is known as a deity who says very little and does not function well in areas outside of the combat arena, he seemed to rely upon the uber-wise god Mimir for all of his decisions when in the custody of the Vanir, and he was said to simply "[grunt] noncommittal answers" (as described in his entry on Wikipedia) when engaged in discourse by his captors whenever Mimir wasn't present. The Vanir thus felt severely short-changed by the hostage exchange, as they saw no value in Hoenir whatsoever, so they took out their anger by killing Mimir and sending what was left of the hapless god back to Odin, the king of the Aesir. Thankfully, this terrible incident didn't prevent the two formerly warring tribes of deities from soon uniting into a single tribe, the Asgardians.    



    Hoenir was obviously not known for his cleverness or intelligence despite his great reliability in combat. He was nevertheless respected enough by his fellow deities to be given an honored seat amongst the 12 major deities who comprised the Thing, the deliberative council of Asgard who gathered together periodically to discuss all the political affairs of the deities, and he was a regular traveling companion to Odin as chronicled in some of the surviving myths. For instance, Hoenir accompanied Odin and his "blood brother," the Trickster god Loki, on the journey that resulted in the giant Thiassi temporarily kidnapping Idunn, the goddess of youth and keeper and harvester of the Golden Apples that allowed the Asgardians to retain their incredible longevity, thus resulting in a dire situation for the deities until they were able to rescue Idunn.  Even more famously, Hoenir accompanied Odin and Loki on a major adventure when they visited Hreidmar, the then-king of the dwarves, and stole his magickal ring from him. The dwarf king retaliated by placing a dangerous curse upon the purloined ring, and this factored heavily into the plot of the baronial four-cycle opera "The Ring of the Nibelungs" by the legendary German composer of the 19th century named Richard Wagner.  Hoenir is also noted for being one of the few gods said to survive the cataclysmic event known as Ragnarok that was fated to end in the destruction of all the Nine Worlds of the Norse cosmology as a result of a final epic battle between the Asgardians and the forces arrayed by their enemies, the giants. Following the rebirth of the cosmos after Ragnarok, Hoenir was said to gain the gift of prophecy as he took his place amongst the successor race of deities in the new beginning following the Twilight of the Gods.    



    I have called upon Hoenir in the past during times when I needed an infusion of the warrior spirit, or required a mystical 'injection' of aggressiveness, to deal with a certain adversity or situation in my life. As a pure warrior who possesses no other attributes (prior to the new beginning said to occur following Ragnarok), Hoenir is an excellent and reliable god to call upon in times when self-defense of some sort is needed. He will bolster the efforts of any of his followers who call upon him when dealing with a difficult situation where their safety is threatened, or when they need an extra amount of aggression to deal with certain circumstances.