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    Forseti is the honorable god of justice and arbiter of all matters of law regarding the Norse pantheon (a capacity he shares with the war god Tyr).  He is described in the myths as the son of the deities Balder and Nanna.  He is revered amongst law deities as being an undisputed master of what may be described as a 'cosmic penal code' that the Asgardians (and possibly other pantheons of deities) ascribe to in their various dealings with both each other and denizens of the mortal realm, and he is respected as being a highly fair and nuanced adjudicator with a strong desire for rightness and equity in his rulings and conclusions.  Though he also possesses a high degree of warrior skill, his services to the deities are usually reserved to the bench of the judge, where his great mind has earned him an esteemed position and degree of respect amongst the deities, as even Odin, the king of the Asgardians and an arbiter of justice in his own right, hold his judgments in high account.   





    Forseti can be readily called upon by followers of the various Nordic paths to aid them whenever a serious injustice has been inflicted upon them, be it of a personal, business, legal, or even spiritual nature. Should the force of Justice truly be on your side, you can count on Forseti to determine this, while also making a judgment as to whether ruling in your favor and therefore petitioning the universal force of Justice--which he is able to tap into--to favorably intervene is in the interests of the greater good at the present time.  I have called upon Forseti in the past when I needed justice, and I have even called upon him in matters pertaining to cosmic justice (where he will act as a mediator or 'go between' for me or others who call upon him in such a manner and the universal force of Justice, which is commonly personified in modern Western culture as a robed woman with her eyes covered by a piece of cloth and carrying scales).